Do you operate an esthetician school or massage therapy school? Are you a student?

Whether you’re an educator or student in esthetics or massage therapy, MeyerSPA is here to serve you – with top quality esthetician equipment, massage equipment, bulk spa supplies and more – reliably delivered when and where you need it.

MeyerSPA is here to serve you – with top quality spa equipment, massage equipment, bulk spa supplies and more – reliably delivered when and where you need it.

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Broad product range

Our carefully curated product offering includes everything esthetics and skin care schools and students need – from tables and equipment to cleaning supplies. At MeyerSPA you’ll enjoy professional pricing on a wide range of essentials: skin and body therapy items, esthetician equipment, electric modalities, wax strips, treatment tables, massage products, aromatherapy goods, and much more.


We know that esthetics training program schools, massage schools, and students have a particularly high need for consumable products, as these are quickly used up by hours of training and practice. We make it easy to stay supplied with everything from facial wipes and skin treatments to massage oils and creams, and we offer them at competitive prices that will fit the budget of a student starting out or a school striving for cost-efficiency.


At MeyerSPA you can also take advantage of consultative advice from experts who’ve worked in the field of esthetics. So no matter how simple or complex your purchase – from restocking cotton products to selecting the best facial steamer – you’ll have a partner here to help you.

Helping Graduates Get Started

MeyerSPA is a valuable resource for new professionals. For example, a person embarking on a career after massage therapy school requires a number of basic massage supplies and massage equipment items to do his or her job.

The task of selecting and purchasing massage therapy equipment and supplies could be overwhelming, especially for a new therapist who can’t afford to overspend. MeyerSPA helps by acting as your single-source online massage supply store: having everything you need all in one place, advising you on the best options for your situation and budget, and simplifying the ordering process.

At the top of the massage therapy supplies list – whether you’re going to work for an existing spa or strike out on your own – is a quality massage table and massage table accessories that assure your clients’ comfort. A top quality massage table will be the foundation of your business for years to come. Our experts can help you make sure you select the best portable massage table for you: one that is lightweight and easy to transport, yet with the stability to accommodate larger clients, and features to make treatments comfortable and convenient, such as easy height adjustment. (A properly height-adjusted table will be right around hip-level for the therapist, enabling him or her to work on their client with more efficiency and less strain, fatigue and risk of injury.)

We can also make sure you have what you need to ensure your client is as comfortable as possible, which is crucial to repeat business and your long-term success as a massage therapist. Items such as table covers, sheets, blankets, face cradle covers, towels, bolsters and cushions help ensure that your client feels comfortable, relaxed and pampered. MeyerSPA is your source for all of these.

In addition to comfort, a relaxing atmosphere is key for a pleasing massage experience. Offer your client a choice of aromatherapy scents for the room diffuser or for adding to your massage medium. MeyerSPA has experts who can help the massage therapist select a pleasing array of essential oils, room sprays, and scented candles to please any client, as well as elegant and quiet diffusers.

You can also care for your client by asking them about any allergies they may have and using an allergen-free medium. Keeping your table clean with germicidal wipes and laundering your table covers, sheets and towels in a gentle, hypoallergenic detergent will further protect your client from allergic reactions and cross-contamination of germs.

The successful massage therapist will take all of these items into consideration and many more. Let MeyerSPA help guide you to the right products for your massage therapy business and to offer ideas for building a massage business that prospers.

Fast Shipping

You’ll appreciate how quickly your orders are filled and shipped at MeyerSPA. As one of the country’s most reliable spa product suppliers – with warehouses in Ohio, Florida and California – we typically deliver within 1 to 3 days from the moment you order. No more waiting for spa supplies and equipment.

For your esthetics and skin care school or massage therapy school or training, MeyerSPA can be your source for: bulk spa supplies, spa equipment, massage therapy supplies, body treatment supplies, skin care products, skin treatments, esthetic supplies, skin cleansing items, aromatherapy, essential oils, exfoliation products, treatment tables, massage chairs, cotton supplies, facial sponges, hydration products, cosmetic goods and more.

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