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MeyerSPA makes it easy for you to purchase the perfect massage table or massage chair for your business.

Let our equipment experts help you select from top brands like Oakworks and Earthlite to find just the right model for you. Whether you’re looking for a massage table or chair, or just a basic rolling stool, your can be sure our customer service team will make your shopping experience a stress-free one.

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Spa Steamers

Find your next spa facial steamer – as well as the spa steamer accessories you need to get the most from it – right here at MeyerSPA. Our spa equipment experts are standing by to help you choose the spa steamer machine that best suits your location and clients.

When you’re offering facial services like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels, trust MeyerSPA to supply you with the appropriate spa steamer facial equipment and accessories you need.

Massage Tables and Spa Massage Chairs

Massage Tables

Choosing MeyerSPA means you’ll find the best prices when you shop for a lightweight portable massage table or stationary massage table from top brands, including Oakworks, Earthlite and Custom Craftworks.

Our range of massage tables for sale offers something to meet every budget while providing stability and features for the massage therapist and comfort for the client. At MeyerSPA you’re sure to find the best massage table for your work requirements and your budget.

Portable Massage Tables

Wondering how to buy a portable massage table? Important factors to keep in mind are: table weight, frame material, padding, upholstery, portability, adjustable height range, and ease of use.

The best portable massage table for you is one that is easy to transport and set up, yet has the stability to accommodate larger clients and the features to make treatments comfortable and convenient. Table weight – which ranges from around 29 to 35 lbs. – should be taken into consideration, especially if you’ll be carrying your table to multiple locations each day. Likewise for ease of setup – look for time-saving features, particularly when it comes to adjusting the table’s height.

You have a choice of materials – wood or metal – for your foldable massage table frame. Wood frames offer excellent strength and project an upscale look. They also tend to be a bit heavier than metal frames. Metal frames are typically lighter and, if constructed of high quality material, can provide an even higher working weight, up to 750 lbs.

Padding and upholstery are crucial for client comfort as well as the long-term service life of your massage table. Two-inch padding is adequate if the foam is of a high quality (i.e., a higher proportion of foam material vs. air pockets). Low quality foam will tend to flatten over time, creating uncomfortable pressure points for the client. For upholstery, materials such as polyurethane (PU) leather and PVC vinyl are the norm, with PVC being more common. Polyurethane offers a softer, more “natural” feel; PVC is oil-proof, waterproof and easy to care for.

Electric Massage Table

A number of factors come into play when choosing an electric lift massage table. The most obvious are height range, quietness/loudness of the motor, the speed and smoothness of raising and lowering, and the convenience of the table’s controls.

The ability to lower the massage table for easy client access and to raise it to a comfortable working height is, of course, paramount. Look for a height range of at least 12 inches to allow yourself plenty of options, whether you’re working standing or seated.

A quiet, powerful motor will raise and lower the massage table smoothly and without distracting noise. Both of these factors will enhance your client’s experience. An overly loud motor, on the other hand, will distract from the relaxing atmosphere you’re seeking to create.

Easily operated, conveniently placed controls make life much easier for the professional massage therapist. Foot controls, hand controls, or a mixture of foot and hand controls are options to choose from, based on the way you work.

Massage Chairs

MeyerSPA is the place to shop for portable massage chairs. Our portable massage chair offering includes the best massage chair brands – from Oakworks, Earthlite, and Custom Craftworks – with the durability, portability and ease of use the professional massage therapist demands. All at the best prices.

If you are shopping spa massage chairs, be sure to consider all the factors. You will of course want portability, so you can use the chair both within the spa setting and out in the community. Look for a lightweight chair that you won’t struggle to get in and out of your vehicle or carry short distances. A chair that is designed to fold easily for transport will save the massage therapist time and aggravation.

While assessing a massage chair’s portability, make sure it has the strength to accommodate larger clients. A massage chair weight capacity of 300 lbs. will allow you to serve the majority of the public.

Adjustability is also a key issue. To provide the most comfortable massage experience for your client, you need a spa massage chair that can be fully adjusted to accommodate his/her height, weight and build. This can include an adjustable seat height, and adjustable arm rests and face rest.


Warmth is an essential part of a fully relaxing spa and massage experience. MeyerSPA makes it easy to provide that soothing warmth to your clients.

Need a massage table warmer? We can help you find the best massage table warmer for your spa and your clients, whether it’s a digitally controlled EarthLite massage table warmer pad or a fleece massage table warmer from Oakworks.

Warm towels are an essential too. For your next massage towel warmer, MeyerSPA gives you a choice of warmers from Earthlite and Paragon, ranging from small single-door units to a large double-door model.

We’re your source for a massage stone warmer as well, with reliable warming trays and bowls from Amber and Custom Craftworks.

Let us help you keep your clients warm and satisfied. For table warmers, massage stone warmers and towel warmers for massage therapy, make MeyerSPA your single, convenient source.