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Founded in 2015 by Electrical Esthetician Melanie Simon and tech wizard David Mason, ZIIP revolutionizes facial treatments with the first-ever app-connected beauty devices. Using patented, FDA-cleared technology, ZIIP sends nanocurrent and microcurrent of varying waveforms and frequencies through the skin to increase cell energy while encouraging collagen and elastin production. The ZIIP app, available on any mobile device or tablet, allows you to instantly send electrical treatments to a ZIIP device anytime, anywhere. Transform your clients’ skin today with ZIIP.


One Device. Unlimited Facials. Real Results.

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Pre-programmed with the ENERGIZE treatment, a rejuvenating program for all skin types.

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Pre-programmed with LYMPH & LIFT, an electrical treatment focused on lymphatic drainage.

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How It Works

ZIIP’s app-connected beauty devices deliver nanocurrent and microcurrent beneath the surface of the skin. Nano and micro-sized electrical currents work at the cellular level to promote younger, healthier-looking skin. Unlike other microcurrent devices on the market, ZIIP utilizes multiple types of electrical current, including nanocurrent, microcurrent and direct current to create specific skin outcomes.

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Virtual Facial Trends & Retail Opportunities

ZIIP is the innovative beauty brand your spa has been looking for. In addition to using their electric facial devices during spa services, the ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX offer extensive retail opportunities. From virtual facials with clients to product recommendation kits to complement treatments, becoming a stockist for ZIIP allows you to build client relations and revenue.

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Adding ZIIP to Your Spa

Incorporating ZIIP into Spa Services

Offer your clients the visible results of ZIIP’s ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX. These beauty devices can be added to existing microcurrent facial services or you can add a ZIIP nanocurrent facial to your menu of services. Take your clients’ beauty into your own hands with ZIIP.

Electrical Treatment Options in the ZIIP App

ENERGIZE is designed to lift and sculpt the face.

LYMPH & LIFT works on lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

PRIMER works to promote circulation to revive dull skin.

SENSITIVE ENERGIZE is designed to calm and tone sensitive skin.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION contours the face after one session.

TOTAL CLEARING is for acne-prone skin and works to kill bacteria.

PIGMENT works to decrease hyperpigmentation over time.

VITALEYES is designed to wake up the undereye area.

QUICK FIX does it all in a two-minute treatment.

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