The Whish brand includes skin care, body treatments, hair removal and anti-aging products. Its skin care line features the natural antioxidant Bakuchiol, which can help reduce lines and wrinkles, smooth skin texture and reduce discoloration.

An important message for first-time Whish® customers...

If this is your first order of Whish items, we want to make sure you receive everything you need to maximize the brand’s retail potential in your spa.

To that end we’ve put together three opening order packages you can choose from.
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  • Note to Existing Whish Customers
  • As a current customer, you have access to the full Whish product line and are not required to make these purchases.

Package 1 - Skin Care Favorites

(10 retail products, plus a tester of each)

Package 2 - Body Treatment

(13 retail items, plus a tester of each)

Package 3 - Flawless Opening Package

(4 retail products, plus a free tester, deluxe sample tubes, postcards and an acrylic POP display)

Choose the package you prefer. Can’t decide? Buy all three and receive a 15% discount!

This initial purchase unlocks complete access to the entire product line when you return for your next purchase.

Thank you for becoming a Whish customer!

Opening Orders

Skin Care Favorites

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Body Treatment Essentials

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Flawless Opening Package

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Add Ons


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Kabosu Sea Salt

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Best Sellers

Revitalizing Cleansing Oil

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CC Body Cream

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Flawless Opening Package

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Whish Categories

Skin Care

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Shaving Cream

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Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum

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Sugar Scrubs

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A Sweet Scrub for Soft,
Smooth Skin

Whish Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs for extremely dry skin.

Whish Sugar Scrub polishes and nourishes skin with a trio of exfoliants and three different moisturizers. This sugar scrub contains organic aloe, organic raspberry butter, and organic shea butter.

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A Shaving Cream for
Feeling Pampered

Whish Shaving Cream

This luscious shaving cream provides a close, moisturizing shave.

Natural ingredients leave skin soft and smooth. Users feel pampered and proud of this earth-friendly, animal-friendly, organic product. Available in lavender, coconut, lemongrass, kabosu sea salt, and pomegranate.

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New Arrivals

Coconut Milk + Verbena Exfoliating Foot Mask, 2oz Tester

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Coconut Milk + Verbena Exfoliating Foot Mask, 3 Pack

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Coconut Milk + Verbena Exfoliating Foot Mask

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Customer Favorites

Skin Care

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Shaving Cream

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Flawless Post Wax & Shave Serum

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As Seen In

Whish - As Seen In

Whish FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Flawless Serum and Body Serum with Hair Inhibitor?

A: Flawless is designed for small areas immediately after waxing, shaving or laser treatments to reduce inflammation and the occurrence of irritation and ingrown hairs. It’s a targeted spot treatment for problem areas. Body Serum with Hair Inhibitor is for large areas like legs or the back post-waxing.

Q: Are Whish products Gluten Free?

A: All products are Gluten Free with the exception of the Flawless Serum and Bath & Body Gel. Both products have wheat molecules in them, however, the molecule is too large to actually penetrate the skin cells. Some Celiac Disease sufferers can use these products, but each person’s gluten sensitivity is different so they should use discretion.

Q: Is Flawless Serum safe for pregnancy?

A: It is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Willow Bark is a natural Salicylic Acid, which is the same as applying aspirin to the skin, and it can be absorbed. Ask your doctor.

Q: Why is my Body Butter not dispensing?

A: Most brands of body butter on the market come in a container that you unscrew. Whish Body Butter comes in packaging that dispenses product with an airless pump. (This goes for all Whish pumps.) This keeps your Whish product bacteria free because you do not need to dip your fingers in! If you mistakenly unscrewed the Body Butter, it lets air in and the pump will no longer function.

Q: How do you use the Deodorant Gel?

A: The Deodorant Gel is an airless pump that you twist to dispense. It will click when twisted in a clockwise motion, dispensing the perfect amount for one underarm.

Q: Can I leave the Renewing Mud Mask on longer or overnight?

A: NO. This is a dual acting mask with both physical and enzymatic properties. It’s a strong formulation for resurfacing the skin. Use as directed. Start at 15 seconds and gradually work your way up to 2 minutes maximum, 1-2 times per week. Rise when you feel it tingle. Your skin should not seem red and irritated after use; it should only have a healthy pink hue that is not long lasting when used correctly.

Q: Can men use Whish?

A: Yes! Men love Whish! With the hair inhibitor in many of the products, they love how it staves off a 5 o’clock shadow.

Q: Is Whish vegan friendly?

A: Depends on the vegan. A few Whish products contain Beeswax, which may be considered an animal by-product.

Q: Can I recycle my empty Whish containers?

A: Yes! All containers can be recycled.

Q: Does Whish test on animals?

A: No! Whish is Leaping Bunny Certified!

Q: What is Bakuchiol and what does it do?

A: Bakuchiol delivers restorative and anti-aging benefits. It is a natural compound obtained from the edible seeds of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant found in the semi-arid regions of India and elsewhere. It’s an all-natural retinol replacement that addresses all signs of aging and improves skin radiance.

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