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Freeing up time, saving money

Running a business is time-consuming, and how you spend that time can make all the difference in the success of your business.

Partnering with MeyerSPA can help you spend that time productively. By providing the products you need from one source, and making the ordering process fast and easy, we save you time on back office chores – freeing you up to do the things that can help grow your business. Things like networking with nearby businesses, promoting your shop out in the community, training your staff, or refining your marketing plan.

Having MeyerSPA as a single source also helps you save money – by reducing your shipping costs versus buying from multiple vendors and incurring multiple delivery charges. And because we ship from three strategically located distribution centers in Ohio, Florida and California, we deliver your products quickly – reducing your need for large inventories of supplies.

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Your source for the best professional men’s grooming products

If your spa or salon caters to men, or if you own or operate a barbershop, you’ll appreciate the wide selection of men’s grooming products MeyerSPA offers. We offer easy access and competitive prices on: shaving supplies and beard care products such as beard trimmers, beard softeners and beard oil; hair care and skin care products; manicure and pedicure tools; and a full range of professional shop supplies and equipment.

Shaving and Beard Care

If you offer shaving and facial hair grooming services for men, MeyerSPA can supply your ongoing need for shave cream, professional quality razor blades, styptic liquid, aftershave and beard oil from brands like Alizar, Brickell Barbers and others. Need a hot lather machine for your location? You’re in luck because we supply equipment too, including the Scalpmaster SB-M Lather Time Hot Lather Machine. Trust MeyerSPA to supply the products and shaving accessories you need to treat your customers to a razor close shave and precision facial hair grooming.

Hair Care

Our professional hair styling products will help you leave your clients and customers looking great and feeling satisfied. We make it easy to stay stocked up on all the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, electric clippers, finishing products and more. From trusted names like Andis, Morgan’s Pomade, Vaughn and others.

Skin Care

More of today’s male spa clients take an active interest in maintaining the appearance of their skin. MeyerSPA has what you need to serve these clients and to help them achieve a fresher looking face with better elasticity and skin tone, and fewer lines and wrinkles. We’re your source for face wash, face scrub and facial moisturizing products, as well as soothing gels and aftershave. And for the rest of the body, we offer talc products for controlling moisture and keeping skin calm and comfortable.

Manicure / Pedicure

Nail services aren’t just for the ladies anymore. Many men who want to project a clean and fashionable appearance make regular manicure and pedicure services part of their grooming routine. These services can include nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, skin moisturizing, exfoliation and even light massage. The full array of manicure and pedicure products you find at MeyerSPA includes: nail clippers, nail buffers, cuticle clippers, cuticle sticks, moisturizers, foot filing and abrasive products, antifungal solution and more. Let us help you deliver a great experience that leaves your clients’ hands and feet clean, smooth and attractive.

Supplies & Equipment

Keeping a spa, salon or barber shop fully outfitted with supplies and equipment can be a full time job in itself. But with MeyerSPA as your partner, you can spend less time chasing down supplies and more time serving your clients. As a single-source supplier, we provide convenient access to all the essentials: spray bottles, service towels, styling capes, aprons, nitrile gloves, disinfectant, measuring cups, mirrors, dispensing pumps and more.

Our selection keeps growing – tell us what you like.

We’re constantly adding to our inventory of professional salon and barber shop supply tools, so come back often. If you don’t see one of your favorite products, let us know. We’ll reach out to the vendor and see about adding it. Our goal is to be your single source for the best men’s grooming products.

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