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Lash Trays - Mixed Volume Collection

Item # W-ENREL1008P

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Enjoy Convenience That Helps Lash Appointments Go Smoothly

These lash trays give the lash artist multiple choices for serving their clients, and provide ease-of-use that makes lash appointments go smoothly. There are six “volume” trays allowing you to choose the lashes with the curl (C, CC or D) and diameter (.06 or .07) you want. Lash length in these trays ranges from 8 to 15 mm. The lash finish is matte black, allowing the eyes to radiate beauty.


  • 16 rows of lashes.
  • Foiled light pink backdrop makes lashes easier to see in tray.
  • Lashes have matte black finish and a round shape to allow a more natural look.
  • Sturdy and easy to open exterior packaging.
  • Magnetic box packaging allowing neat organization and storage.

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