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A Leader in Nanocurrent Technology

Developed by electrical esthetician Melanie Simon and tech wizard David Mason, ZIIP revolutionizes facial treatments by using FDA-cleared nanocurrent and microcurrent technology. Their app-connected facial devices come equipped with several electrical treatment options—perfect for customizing facials to your clients’ needs. With ZIIP, intelligent energy is at your fingertips.

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With ZIIP, you can transform your clients’ skin in quick, effective treatments. The electrical currents used by ZIIP have been shown to increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is a naturally-occurring molecule that decreases with age. By stimulating the surface of the skin with low levels of electricity, you can increase the rate of ATP, which may encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

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One Device. Unlimited Facials. Real Results.

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Pre-programmed with the ENERGIZE treatment, a rejuvenating program for all skin types.

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Pre-programmed with LYMPH & LIFT, an electrical treatment focused on lymphatic drainage.

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Adding ZIIP to Your Spa

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Take facial treatments and spa services to the next level with ZIIP. The ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX can be added as a complementary service for existing treatments like LED Light Therapy, Hydrafacials, or Lymphatic Massages. Whether you are an esthetician or spa director, incorporating ZIIP’s electric facial devices into your services will open the door for retail opportunities with clients.

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